Professional Development Audit

Each individual intending to follow one an Engineering Gateways programme works with an academic supervisor and a mentor to complete a professional development audit (PDA). This PDA is a reflective examination and assessment of the individual's education, qualifications, experience and competences upon enrolment. This is then used to:

  • determine the difference between current competences and those of UK-SPEC
  • define the scope of their learning contract or other equivalent document
  • determine how the individual intends to meet the required competences

The on-going development of competences should be carefully recorded by the individual. Some professional engineering institutions have published frameworks for this, and individuals seeking registration with one of those institutions can complete this alongside the record of learning.

It is important that an individual should be in a role that provides them with the opportunities to develop the necessary competences for the grade of registration that they are seeking.

The programme finishes with an overall evaluation of the individual's achievement of their learning and professional development goals.