Learning Contract

Each participant has a Learning Contract or equivalent that is drawn up at the start of their programme in discussion with their academic adviser and employer. It sets out how they will gain the required knowledge and competence whilst meeting company objectives.

It ensures that participants, assessors and reviewers understand:

  • what additional learning takes place and what credits are awarded;
  • how it is to be achieved and assessed;
  • how the activities meet the UK-SPEC competence statements, and
  • the estimated date of achievement when the participant can reasonably expect to be successful, subject to completion of the intended learning outcomes.

The professional engineering institution will review the document along with the Professional Development Audit and confirm to the participant and the university whether they are acceptable. Alongside this, the participant will need to record the development of their competences. Some professional engineering institutions have their own forms for this and participants also need to be aware of any specific additional requirements of their intended institution.